Cultural Studies in the Digital Age: SDSU Press, 2021 (Nericcio William, Aldama Frederick, Rafele Antonio, eds.)

What is Cultural Studies!? Oh, we know all about Stuart Hall and his landmark work and we are hip to the tune of Marshall Blonsky, Marshall McLuhan, Susan Sontag, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and John Berger. But what will Cultural Studies look like after AI, after COVID, after the next new wave of next-generation developments in computer science. One might think: “The algorithms will write future essays.” But that means tenure for algorithms? Surely not! In our newest book, Cultural Studies in the Digital Age, you will find essays on Disney, video games, fashion photography, and more—the traditional fodder of cultural studies; but you will also find deep meditations on memes, Instagram, social media, the border, Mexico, and more. Sit back and get ready to read some of the more provocative musings on both sides of the Atlantic by up-and-coming stars of Ethnic Studies, Literature, Linguistics, and more. Contributors include: Frederick Aldama, Brian Frastaci, Federico Tarquini, Antonio Rafele, Tito Vagni, Gwendolyn Kurtz, Kristal Bivona, Luca Acquarelli, William Nericcio, Katie Waltman, Massimo Cerulo, Lorenzo Bruni, Alberto Abruzzese, Jennifer Carter, Ralph Clare, Nello Barile, Katlin Marisol Sweeney, Bonnie Opliger, Matteo Treleani, Vanni Codeluppi, Guerino Bovalino, Agnese Pastorino, Carlos Kelly, and Antonio Rafele.

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